Doin’ the geek thing :spock:

Got SOME sleep anyway. :coffee:

Woken by a call from one of my "clients". She'd gone off on holidays and let someone use her laptop in the ofice while she was away.

When she came back My Documents, her Outlook folders, everything was blank. Odd to say the least.

So I came into the office and started poking around to see what had happened. Turns out her user folder had been corrupted by a hard disk error and XP automatically created a new "blank" folder with the same user name. Sort of like creating a new account on the PC.

A quick look in the MS Knowledge base (Article 811151 if you're interested) confirmed what I thought of doing, copying the files from the corrupt user folder to the new folder. Though there are three files that shouldn't be copied -> Ntuser*.*

I made a backup of the two folders first, just in case, copied the files and restarted. Her documents and Outlook data were back

"…and there was much rejoicing." – Monty Python and the Holy Grail :hat:


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