I’m an idiot :down:

Ever have a real "Homer Simpson" moment?

I was installing a network card in a pc and whenever I tried to enter the IP address and subnet mask I kept getting a message that "The specified IP address is not valid…" I tried reinstalling, updated drivers, even a different card. Even wiped the hard disk and reinstalled windows. Eventually went back to the knowledge base and looked up the error message. MS suggested editting the registry to enter the IP address.

Gave it a shot, and then saw I was typing the IP address in the subnet mask box and vice-versa. πŸ™„

So, in conclusion, "D'oh"


6 thoughts on “I’m an idiot :down:

  1. "Been there, done that" – so you are not alone! I never know whether I should be embarrassed or angry.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your journal simply because it is one of the very few journals/blogs I've seen (in Opera and elsewhere) that has correct grammar, spelling, typing, and no shortcut typing like on a cell phone. I also get the impression that you type like you talk.

    All in all, yours is a refreshing and enjoyable, though not earth-shatteringly profound, journal. I look forward to more entries.

  2. Thanks, I was starting to feel that "If a guy types a blog in the forest, but nobody reads it, is there any point?"

    I had to learn to type as part of the first computer course I took. Two half-hour sessions with Mavis Beacon a day, which I absolutely hated. In the end I actually learned to type fairly well. So, by God, I'm going to.

    Anyhow, the gammar and spelling were drilled into me by Mom (a high-school teacher) plus the fact I'm a voracious reader. I guess it's partly osmosis, too.

    I suppose I do type exactly like I talk. When I'm posting an entry it's almost like I'm dictating it to myself. Fortunately the voices in my head are as eloquent as I am. :D:

    So thanks again for the positive remarks, I hope you get your own blog up soon so I can check it out. :spock:

  3. What can I say? When I realised what I'd done, all I could do was stare at the screen and "D'Oh!"

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