Oblah-di Oblah-da…

Life goes on.

Not much to report. Set up a new laser printer for "me Ma", she had an inkjet that was still printing but got so unreliable that you would never know if it would work or jam and take half an hour to sort out. She hardly ever uses colour so I convinced her that a laser would be a better choice – more reliable and cheaper to run.

Went to see "The Day After Tomorrow" last night. It was ok, good special effects. Didn't think to much of the story, just didn't grab me.

When do you prefer to go see a movie? So folks like to go opening night. I prefer to wait a few weeks until the crowds thin out. Ideally I'd be the only person in the theatre. I've come close a couple of times, but there's always one or two people who have the same idea.


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