Upgrades, how do you deal?

Just downloaded Opera 7.52 and will be installing it as soon as I post this. Upgraded my Eudora to 6.1.2 this afternoon. It never ends.

The only thing I haven't upgraded in a while is my hardware, though my options are limited with my laptop, a five year old Thinkpad. The RAM is maxed out, it doesn't even have USB. I wiped it a couple years ago and installed w2k, only because there was no hope of running XP. I can see the end of the road approaching fast.

So, do I save my pennies until I can buy a new laptop with all the bells and whistles, to try a future-proof my self as much as possible. Or maybe a desktop that I'll be able to upgrade to keep up to date for longer. Or do I buy a reasonably specced 2nd-hand laptop and then soldier on for another couple years until that is practically obsolete and I find myself in the same boat?

Suggestions anyone?


3 thoughts on “Upgrades, how do you deal?

  1. Do you need a laptop? I've found it very useful to be able to sit in my couch with the laptop in my lap, but I don't really need it, and so I've opted to buy a new desktop thingy. It's much, much better than any laptop I could afford, but I still have a problem: do I buy an LCD monitor, or a CRT for half the price?

  2. Good question, I bought the original laptop because I found it useful to bring with me on jobs. Way before CD burners were common I sometimes used it like a big floppy for transferring files.

    Now it just sits at home, but space is really tight, I don't really have the room for a pc. And the portability is a a big consideration.

    In a perfect world I'd have a pc and a laptop I could take around with me.

    I suppose you're in a similar situation. Do you have the room for a CRT?

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