Feck it anyway :down:

One of "those" days.

My Aunt asked me if I could look at her friends pc, she was having trouble connecting to the internet, dropped connections, could not find server, etc.

Turns out it's not really her pc. She had another fellow fixing it and he replaced her box with one he had when he couldn't repair hers. From talking to her, he sounds like a real cowboy.

Note: That's not in the John Wayne sense. It's Irish slang for a dodgy businessman.

The machine was riddled with viruses and spyware 🙄 So I cleaned all that up, then went to install sp1. A message came up saying there was a problem with the Product Key, so on top of everything it's a pirate copy of XP. :irked:

I left her off and said ring me if there's any trouble. Which she promptly did as soon as I got home. So I have to back again tomorrow and try again.


Speaking of Cowboys, I just saw "Jeremiah Johnson" on TV. It's an old western starring Robert Redford. Pretty good, not the stereotypical cowboys and indians. Would like to telll you more but I was only half watching and missed some important plot points.


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