Road Trip

Spent Sunday driving from Freshford, Co. Kilkenny to Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim and back.

Seven hours on the road. Got to see a good bit of the country that I haven't before. Was pretty knackered when I finally got home.

So why did I do all that? Post a comment asking nicely and I'll tell you.

Update 30/08/04

Well you asked so I'd better tell you. Sorry I forgot to check back for so long.

I was driving my Mom to a set-dancing school. Set-dancing is sort of a cross between Riverdance and square-dancing and Mom is really into it. She found this week long school advertised in a magazine about set-dancing that she subscribes to and decided that was what she wanted to do for her summer vacation.

I offered to drive to save Mom the trip and the plan was I would then drive back up after the week to collect her. We would then continue on touring through Donegal and Northern Ireland and come back to Kilkenny along the east coast. As you'll see, all did not go to plan.


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