On the road again :up:

Been shopping for a new car to replace the one I wrote off for the past week or so. I looked at

'88 Volvo 740 estate. 2.0l petrol €650, 230k but resonable shape, no NCT (road worthiness test) :down:

'98 Skoda Felicia estate. 1.4l petrol €2250 out of my price range :down:

'93 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6l petrol €1000 road tax and insurance would cost too much


'93 Renault 19 RT 1.9l Turbo Diesel. €1000 :up:

My mechanic friend sells cars on the side so I went to see if he had anything. He offered to let me take the car for a couple days to test drive so I borrowed it so I could do an "emergency" trip to Dublin.

It ran well. My uncle, who owned a garage, gave it the ok. So I crunched the numbers for insurance, tax, loans, fuel, etc. and bought it this morning.

Wish me luck. :spock:


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