Haven't posted anything for a while. Went through a patch where I just didn't want to do anything online, which is odd since normally I'd spend hours on-line. Guess I'm getting fed up with my banger of a laptop.

Anyway, my "new" car is running well. Still getting used to it's quirks, reverse is in the same spot as first but you lift a collar on the gearstick to select it.

Been quiet with regards to work. Though I'm doing a job at the estate agents at the moment. They want to network some PCs in a new office and set up a CRM program.

I didn't get that job I interviewed for at the health board. Que sera sera. Still haven't heard anyhting more about the other interview.

I'm housesitting at the moment, looking after a dog and cat for my friend Trish who has gone to Killarney for a weeks holiday.

That's all the news I can think of for now. TTYL, :spock:


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