Laptop debate update

I went to Waterford yesterday to look at computers, there's been ads on TV for a laptop on sale for €999 that looked good but when I actually saw it in the flesh the spec wasn't that impressive.

While I was there I looked at external cd/dvd burners. They had some old stock that wasn't too dear so that may be an option. I'd probably want to get a USB 2 card, but again they're not that expensive.

The estate agents want to set up an mail server for sending messages internally, so I've been investigating what's available. I tried Mercury mail but support is a bit thin. There's another program called WorkgroupMail that looks intersting, I may try it next.


One thought on “Laptop debate update

  1. A canadian in in Ireland eh?
    Am a fellow canuck from b.c.
    Have only been using opera for about a month now and what a godsend! Try to find a browser that is update when running win95.Wish i had found it three months ago when i first got on the web! Can't use Java as it is only a win98 app on opera 7.54 as far as I know. Could be awork around but have not pursued that avenue yet as it will still take me awhile to figure out all the features of opera as it is!My whole computer sys is one big recycling project that started with a 386 the begining of this year. It is now a pentium 75mhz win95 on dial-up.It sure has been a learning experience.Anyhow just thought I'd say hello from the great white north.take care, strat89

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