We lost


Today was the All-Ireland Hurling Finals <http://www.rte.ie/sport/2004/0912/hurling.html>

What is hurling? <http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn?stage=1&word=hurling>



Kilkenny was playing in both the senior and minor finals. This was a HUGE deal because it would have been our third championship in a row. We had the "double-double" last year, i.e. Kilkenny won both minor and senior champioships two years running. As well, Kilkenny would have set the record for most senior championships won (we were tied with Cork on 28)and this was the 100th anniversary of the first All-Ireland championship, which Kilkenny won.

So understandably, there was a giant build-up to the match. The minor was very tense and we ended up in a draw with Galway so that match will have to be replayed.

The senior was not as good a match, Kilkenny never really in control of the game and Cork just ran away with it. The county would have gone mad had we won, so there's a real sense of disappointment around.

Now, I have to admit I didn't actually watch the matches live. Instead, I decided to go to a steam rally in a place called Fenagh. I'm really interested in vintage cars, farm equipment, and commercial vehicles and I haven't been to any events in a while.

I enjoyed it, despite the awful weather. It lashed rain all afternoon and I got soaked. :yuck:

Still there were some unusual vehicles and I needed to get out and do something instead of spending another weekened hanging around the house.

I did listen to the first half of the minor match and the second half of the senior match on the radio. The radio play-by-play commentator is a real character, he gets so excited during the game he starts to mix up the players and then starts shouting at the referee just like a fan. Some people will even mute their tv and listen to his commentary on the radio instead.

Finally, I decided to take the creative writing course. Thanks for the encouragement Erla.


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