Headless Chicken time

<prolonged sigh> 🙄 What a past few days…

It all started on Friday when I arranged to buy and setup an external backup drive for the estate agents over the weekend. I had it all planned out. Then Mom rings to tell me my cousin is getting his twins baptised on Saturday. Mom couldn't make it because of work so I had to show my face to represent our branch of the family tree. I warned them that I wouldn't make the church, but would try to be there for the afters.

Later that night I was trying to get on the net out at Mom's to update her virus definitions and the number wasn't working. You'd hear the busy signal in the middle of dialling. I managed to get on using another number/ISP, and wrote it off to technical difficulties.

The next morning, the phone wasn't allowing any calls out, same problem, and her voice mail wasn't working. I tried to make some calls to sort it out but Eircom's support lines were closed for the weekend. :confused: Can you believe that? :furious:

Anyway, I headed for Waterford to buy this drive so I could install it later. I managed to make it back just as the baptismal lunch was finishing. So I got to see the babes, say hello to the proud parents and give them the obligatory card.

Everyone was leaving to go to a big hurling match on in Kilkenny. I was catching up with the few folks left when my little cousin Shay spotted me. He's only three and quite a character. I was chatting away to the little lad when his Mom comes over and says "We're heading across the road to watch the match on TV. Would you mind coming along and watching Shay and Abbey (his sister)?" I felt I could spare a little time so off we went.

It was great fun. There was an old iron wheel mounted on a wall of the pub. (I think it was part of a fan for the fireplace?) This became the steering wheel for an imaginary bus and we spent the afternoon travelling around Ireland. We went to Dublin, the beach, the zoo, Kerry, the play centre. It kept us entertained and let the adults watch the match in peace. However, it was after six by the time I got out of there and I was knackered from minding the kids so I just headed home.

I thought I'd get a head start on the installation by doing a little RTFM. So I opened the box, only to discover no drive inside :yikes: 😥 With all the manuals, disks, and cables the box felt heavy enough to me, and the girl on the register never twigged that she had to retrieve the drive from stock when I bought it. :bomb:

I spent Sunday working on my assigment for the creative writing course. I had lots of notes collected over the week, but I'm having real trouble getting them into shape. Hopefully I'll have something in time.

So I dashed down to Waterford again this morning, picked up the drive, back to Kilkenny to start on a marketing drop for another one of the agents, home for supper, then over to the ofice to set up the drive.

I got it set up easy enough, had a bit of a problem finding a free power socket, but the software is not very user friendly. I choose a Maxtor OneTouch drive because I wanted something easy for the users. It seemed like the perfect answer. I set it up, then they just press a button on the drive when they want to run a backup.

The problem is you have almost no control over what gets backed up. Setting up the backup you only have the choice of documents or all files. The software scans your hard drive and chooses what a "document" is. Even if you go into the Dantz Retrospect Express software and try to manually set up a backup job you can only choose files by category. Ok, it's a 250GB drive, but why should I be forced to backup up files I don't want or need? :irked:

I might try playing around with some other backup software to see if I can find a better solution. At least Maxtor let you change the software launched by the drive button.

Later, :spock:


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