There is a Poem inside Me

There is a poem inside of me.

I'm still looking for it.

Had an optional poem for writing class last week. This was my effort.


One thought on “There is a Poem inside Me

  1. Not all poems need to rhyme, but if you want them to there are some great free tools on the Internet. Good for prose’s too, (not rhyming poetry.) There are all kinds of different poetry styles. The website: <http://www.ilovepoetry&gt;.com and <; both have rhyming dictionaries and other great tools as well, to aid you in writing poetry. I am an editor at <; and if you’ve never submitted a poem online I would suggest starting at MidnightEdition and it`s free at this website though donations are accepted but not required. After you register you can start submitting poems through your on personal page. It takes a few days to show up online but sometimes they show up the same day…depending on how busy we are. However, you can always post in the Muse Whispers Forum and then your writings will show up immediately. We have a lot of young people submitting and some have had challenge with developing a poem but have gotten better and better the more they write and submit. It is important to be open to others giving you comments of critiquing in the forums. It`s even good if you will ask other writers for honest critiquing of your work. Also, if you have a program like Microsoft Word Perfect, you can type your poem in there to catch most of the spelling errors…grammatical errors and save the editors some time. If more poets would do this then their works can be published sooner online at Midnight. So come on and submit and you might even make some poet friends among your peers and among older poets as well who are young at heart! My name is Sandra Winter and my user name is: dances~w~words at the site. Writing is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, opinion, and knowledge creatively. I would encourage you to share whether through poetry, a diary, a journal, a book, blogs, etc. Start developing your talents as long as you can read and write (or type) you’re never to young or to old to start! This is an International Poetry website so there might be other poets from your own area of the world who participate with us already. If not you can be the first and through you they might joining too when you share with them.

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