Dammit all to hell

%(*&%&^%*<>?!"£"$£%^*!!!!!!!!! :furious: :furious: :furious:

I've been beating my head against the wall trying to fix a network since Friday afternoon. I went into the estate agents office to do some bits and pieces. Setting up outlook for a couple people. While I was there another lad was installing a piece of CMA software on two new machines. Suddenly the network goes down. There's a mix of OSes some 98 some XP(home and pro) and one w2k. the "server" (XP machine which shares files and printers and a DSL connection) is working has internet, the 98 machines work – internet and can see the network – but none of the other boxes can connect to the local network or the internet.

The network was originally set up using the wizard in XP and the IP addresses were set with DHCP. Some of the XP machines have valid IP address (192.168.0.xxx) but some have IP address assinged by the computer when it can't get a DHCP server (169.254.xxx.xxx). None of the XP machines will ping each other. Repairing the connection doesn't work, it fails on renewing the IP address.

I've checked everything I can think of, been on the net for hours looking for a solution, and spent the entire weekend here in the office. Nothing has fixed it. It's really going to hit the fan when they're back to work tomorrow.

Anyone? If you have an idea can you reply here or post something on the forum thread I started.


Thanks in advance :spock:


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