Halloween (How Original)

I wonder how many post today have the same title?

Anyway, I went to Dublin yesterday. Has a good time, got some shopping done. Saw a nice IBM laptop for a decent price. Not the most advanced, but it has everything I want. Should run W2K nicely, might even handle XP. It sounds like M$ will stop support W2K soon. I was reading that the lastest patches for Internet Explorer that came out with XP SP2 won't be available for earlier OSes.

That sucks. I don't want to move to XP, because I'll have to buy a new PC just to run it.

Did a fair bit of walking around Dublin, so I was really tired by the end of the day. I also got a bad sinus headache which made the drive home miserable. I had to stop in Newbridge, Co. Kildare on the way home to buy some paracetmol. On the plus side I found a garage selling diesel 3c cheaper than the cheapest I've seen so far. Prices are going mad at the moment I've seen petrol at over €1 a litre. There's a place in Kilkenny selling diesel for 98c, but I'd almost consider driving to Newbridge just for the prices.

No trick-or-treaters yet. I'm out at Mom's in Freshford and she lives at the end of a long, dark lane with no other houses so I don't really expect to see anyone. Last year only the landlord's kids showed up. I guess I'll have to eat all the candy myself 😀


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