Other news

I finally managed to sort out the Office problem I was having (see below). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling office, and a CRM program that another tech had messed with, no joy until I deleted and reinstalled the printer driver.

But it took two weeks to get the drivers off the company that sold the printer. You'd think that the CD was made of gold, the tech took it away with him when he installed the printer.

We had a bad storm earlier in the week. It rained for 4 days straight and there was flooding all over the south and east. The army had to evacuate some people in Clonmel. Kilkenny got off fairly lightly. There was flooding and power cuts south of us, but the worst I saw was some flooding on the Kilkenny-Freshford road. The weather is much better now, and looks to hold for the first half of this week.


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