Cleaning Up A Mess

of a computer.

A friend asked me for help with her fiances PC the other day. Apparently he got a dialer that ran up some serious phone bills. I loaned her my antivirus/spyware disc, but she ran into some trouble.

I spent the last two days cleaning it up. Spyware, trojans, dialers, viruses; every scan I did found something. 🙄

I guess I should give a hand to AVG 7, Adaware, Spy Search and Destroy, and CWShredder. If you haven't already installed them do it now and prepare yourself for a shock :yikes: I guarantee you'll have some nasty lurking.

I'll post links if you post comments.


Ok, a comment so here are the links

AVG Antivirus




Spybot Search & Destroy


and a useful update here


finally, CWShredder



One thought on “Cleaning Up A Mess

  1. I've been using Zone Alarm, Spybot and NAV for a while now and was feeling pretty safe. I saw your list and loaded Adaware and CWShredder and it found another 30 little things lurking. Thanks for the tip.:happy:

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