Never Rains

but it pours.

Monday, one of the estate agent's PCs kept crashing. Wednesday, my Parish Priest couldn't log in. Friday, my landlady thought she had a browser hijack and other spyware. So I was busy, busy.

Also, I got a job offer. It's a contract position installing satellite broadband for a company broadband4ireland


Now as part of this job I'm supposed to supply my own tool – ladder, drill, etc. – and a "satellite finder" which is used for aiming the dish. I asked around Kilkenny, a guy in the local Sky shop said I would need to spend about €400 :eyes: to get a decent one.

I di a bit of searching on the net and found a range of different prices, which left me even more :confused:

Saturday I decided to go down to Waterford and do some shopping including this satellite finder. I ended up running around town from one electonics shop to another. In the middle of things my car broke down and I had to call a recovery service.

On the bright side. It was three weeks on Friday 'til Chris arrives :hat:


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