Update your antivirus!

Or you could knock out the internet for your entire office. :furious:

The estate agents have been having trouble with their DSL all week. The connection kept failing intermitantly. I was in a couple of times and we were on to tech support as well.

The support guys were a huge help. 😉 After checking things on their end and restting the router, all they could suggest was turning off the firewall.

Then I noticed that event though no one was connecting to the net the DSL was going nuts with traffic. Eventually I tracked the problem down to a laptop where the firewall was turned of and the antivirus was expired. It's network connection was pumping out packets like a firehouse.

As soon as I turned on the firewall I was asked if I wanted to block jammer2nd.exe. Hmmmmm, 🙄 I decided it might be a good idea.

So, renew the antivirus subscription. Run a full scan to clean everything up. Install the usual anti-spyware just in case.

Sorted, just in time to collect Chris from the airport tomorrow.



BTW, it was the NETSKY virus that was causing all our woes.

Removal tool.


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