Chris is here!

Chris is here! :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:

My brother arrived safe and sound on Friday afternoon. I went up to Dublin early to do a bit of shopping, and only just made it to the airport on time. Bloody M50 traffic. Fortunately his flight was delayed.

While I was up in Dublin I went to the only place in Ireland that seems to sell the satellite finder I've been looking for. It costs about €450 :yikes: I'm not sure if I'll use it enough to warrant that. Time for a plan B.

Made good time back to Mom's. Her Landlords were having a party that night so we called over to introduce Chris. Everyone had a great time. I decided to go mad and have a beer. So our host pulls out these giant glasses and proceeds to pour two bottles in. A couple of those later I ended up staying the night with Mom.

Saturday we went to Waterford to do some Xmas shopping. Got a bunch of decorations and a few gifts. On the way back we stopped in Kilkenny for supper. Then went out to Tullaroan to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Somehow :confused: we ended up in the pub. I only had one normal sized Guiness though.

Sunday we had brunch with the relatives in Tullaroan. Then spent the afternoon decorating Mom's house. We went out to the woods behind the house and got real holly and ivy to put up.

Today was pretty quiet. I hung the outdoor lights while Chris wrapped his presents. Then the power went for a couple hours. We had lunch while we waited for the electricity to come back. Thank god for gas stoves. Later Mom and Chris went off to see some sort of Chiroprator. Chris has chronic back pain and Mom's back has been bothering her this past while.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. Still plenty of relatives to visit. Wednesday we're going to see "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with my landlady's daughter. I've read all the books and loaned them to her.

On the down side my email is acting up. I can receive messages but not send them. If you read this Erla, I'll reply as soon as I can.



Finally remembered how to do a proper hyperlink, as you can see.


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