An update

at long last. 😉

So lets get the excuses out of the way. I was a bit bummed after Chris went back to Canada. I was busy geting ready for my driving test. I've been busy working. The was a flood, locusts, it wasn't my fault!! :insane:

(Can you guess the quote? A hint, it was spoken to Carrie Fisher.)

Anyway, about the driving test. I was all set to take the thing. I got some lessons as a Xmas present, and the went well, I was feeling really confident. But when I got to the test centre they refused to let my do the road test. My NCT had expired. It was only a week out, but obviously the car would have exploded had I driven it without the cert. :irked:

At least the tester told me to re-apply and explain what happened and I should get another test date soon. I waited 10 months this last time.

We had some really bad weather around the beginning of January, high winds (over 90km/h), heavy rain, even snow. Mom got a day off work because the school closed. It's been better the past week or so. Dry and calm, but cold.

That's about it. Mostly it's been same "stuff" different pile for 2005. :spock:


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