Another Day…

another dialer. 😉

Spent the last week or so removing a very persistant porn-dialer from a computer.

I was very surprised when neither Ad-aware nor Spybot S&D could clear it off.

At least the number wouldn't work so there were no actual charges. I did a bit of research and eventually found a tech support forum that could help. They pointed my to a new anti-spyware program called HijackThis.

I had to run a scan with HijackThis and post the log into the forum. The techs analyse the log and tell you what to fix. Not the handiest method in the world but it worked.

Carless at the moment. It's with the mechanic getting checked out for my NCT test on Tuesday. Hopefully it will pass without problems so I can book another driver's test straight away.

Oh yeah, I have an ear infection, yippee :hat: It's not too painful, more annoying. I'd do anything to be able to clear my sinuses.

Later, :spock:


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