Over a month,

Since my last post. Not very good is it? 😮

The usual excuses apply. I've been busy, etc. Plus I was getting royally fed up my the speed of my computer/ net access. I'm still getting really frustrated, there are times when things just come to a complete halt with mad "disk churn".

I was hoping I might be able to frankenstein something better out of all the old PCs I've rescued from the recycling centre, but it doesn't seem likely.

Anyway, life has been pretty quiet otherwise.

I did start a Start Your Own Business course. It's interesting, there's a variety of entrepaneurs attending with some innovative ideas. I just don't know if my plan for a little IT company will pan out. Honestly it doesn't look too hopeful at the moment. Will see once we get to the serious number crunching of cash flows, etc.

Didn't do much for Paddy's day or Easter. Just took it easy and did a bit of work getting Mom settled in her new house. She moved back at the start of the month, back to the village where she was born.

She really wanted to live there again, and the house she's renting now is bigger but cheaper. She's happy and the place is starting to feel like home to her.

Weather has been changing from week to week. Cold and sunny to mild and wet and back. Wish it would make up it's damned mind.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'll try to be better about updating in the future



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