Maybe it’s genetic?

I was working Friday evening cleaning up a machine that was riddled with spyware.

Can you guess who owned it? A nephew of my friend the spyware magnet. Unbelievable. 🙄

Once I had things sorted the speed difference was amazing.

On a completely unrelated note, here's something I wrote a few years ago for/about an uncle of mine. I'd lost the original, but it was published in a booklet for our family reunion and a cousin who's a real pack rat tracked down her copy.


Scotty's Suds, the brew that cheers,

Much better than those store bought beers.

He brews it carefully by hand,

to make the best beer in the land.

Ask him nice and he'll give it free,

For Scotty's the soul of generosity.

Then take a seat and he'll tell a tale,

Which you can wash down with his ale.

He'll tell of when he lived up north,

When through the woods he ventured forth.

He had himself a lot of fun,

Fishing and hunting with rod and gun.

And ask him please about his boat,

How does he keep the thing afloat?

But with all his work on it, you'll see,

He'll soon have himself the Q.E.3.

Now if you want to have some fun pards,

Go ask Marie to play some cards.

But watch it, for she plays to win,

At cribbage, aces, hearts, or gin.

And if you lose, it's but a dime,

You'll prob'ly win it back next time.

So let's give a cheer for Scotty's Suds,

It's better than Coors, Labatts, or Buds.

For you know friends, it's not just the beer,

It's Scotty, Marie and their good cheer.

They give in equal and generous dose,

They are indeed the perfect hosts.


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