Do cats really hate water?


I ask because it's been lashing rain out and a dripping wet cat has just come in to say hello. This guy spends all day outside in all weather. Eventually he turns up in the evening literally soaked to the skin. And he does this regularly, it's not like he got caught in the rain one time.

Of course the other cat refuses to leave the house if it's the least bit wet outside. He's always been a softy. I guess it should be judged on a cat-by-cat basis. :cat:


2 thoughts on “Do cats really hate water?

  1. Hello
    Tigers love water 🙂

    I feel it's based on per cat.

    I have 3 cats and one likes water, she would rather drink water out of the faucet than to drink from the bowl.


  2. alan writes:I assume that you have the internet since this is an on-line forum. Did you ever consider using a search engine – there are lots like google, ask (put search engine into the question in a search engine to find more). It is *not* as uncommon as you seem to be saying. There are even cats that swim, and some species that go fishing. One breed even swims out to sea to greet returning owners/fishermen. Others even get into a shower with their owner. I have 2 cats, neither are too bothered by the rain- they choose whether to go out (or not at times). One sits on the side of the bath when I'm in the tub.Cats generally prefer running water because it is more oxygenated. If you give them water straight from the tap they notice the chemicals- let the water stand before giving it. And remember traces of detergent are persistent and cats can taste it- rinse thoroughly if washing water bowls. Some prefer drinking from puddles outside in preference to tap water- remember they have in-built protection for nasties in that water- they've been known to drink pretty stagnant stuff.Have you seen the (newish) cat water fountains? It gives them flowing water meaning it is oxygenated. But remember- the Internet is a wonderful resource. Use it and you will find lots on this subject. And many other subjects too.

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