Remember Me?

Jeez this is disgraceful. :down:

I was having fierce problems with my internet connection and was getting so fed up with it I only did essential surfing. Unfortunately this did not include blog updates.

Eventually I started bringing my laptop into the office on weekends to try and catch up on the stuff I missed but the blog still got pushed to the back of the queue.

Anyways, now I got to try and remember everything that happened since my last post.

So here's the highlights:

I bought a new car. Mom's car blew the head gasket and it wasn't worth fixing it. I took her out shopping, and we found an '96 Mitsubishi Lancer estate that was quite nice, but really to big for her. On the test dirve I was thinking how much I missed having an estate when Mom suggested that she buy my car and I buy this one. So that's how it went.

The car has been going well (touch wood). I put quite a few miles on it with friends on Mom's coming over on holidays in August.

We did a tour of Northern Ireland in it no bother. Up through Leitrim to the Arigna Mine. Then to Bundoran in Donegal. From there we went to the Giant's Causewayand Bushmill's Distillery. Then we headed south to the Cooley Peninsula and Newgrange. And finally home.

Chris rang Mom's mobile just as we were about to go into the tomb at Newgrange. He got invited to a conference in Geneva in October so he decided to move his annual visit up a couple months. So now everything is gearing up to his arrival.

Sure, there's lots of othe stuff. Including the writers' group big debut, but I'm all typed out for now.

TTYL, :spock:


One thought on “Remember Me?

  1. Hello MickeyI just "toured" Ireland via your links. Thank you for the peek into the "old country." I am Irish descent… 4th generation in America.K4

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