Give me Broadband

Or give me death :ko:

A new computer wouldn't hurt either. Just when I thought I had my access problems sorted, the dialup goes south again. I hate being stuck out in the sticks where noone is bothering to setup broadband access.

It seems like the only option may be to get a satellite system, but I don't think they're very good. It's only one way so you still need a dialup connection and the cost that incurs. Why don't these satellite crowds offer a deal where it's included?

Well, maybe I can drum up enough interest to get the Freshford scheme extended.

In other news:

I got my new car NCT'd. It passed no problem. It would want to after the money I spent on it.

And I have a driver's test on the 19th of October. Let's see how this one can be screwed up. :bomb:

TTYL, :spock:


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