I’m going to hell.

No only am I viewing this is IE (gasp) I'm using it to post as well.:eyes: :insane: 😥 :no:

I'm in the process of transferring all the setting from Opera on my crashed system to the new machine. I don't want to use Opera until I have everything across.

Mea culpa, mea culpa. :angel:



3 thoughts on “I’m going to hell.

  1. I must premise this with I have had a big cup of coffee and no breakfast so I am a bit gitty, freewheeling with the pen so to speak, and avoiding getting ready for work.So I just wrote thee wittiest comment and then I just happen to have to go to my librarys' website and find the spelling of a new author I found to share with you and then , low and behold, i lost my wittiness to the winds of cyberland. shit. oh can i say that here? Is there another word that can describe the sheer angst of loosing wit to the winds of cyberland. I think not. I think shit describes it perfectly. Oh but hummmm, maybe Mike has friends who bend to the right, don't swear, oh then i have offened the lot of them. I think I can safetly say that we are a little bit distraught over here anyway. I could go on a rant about how life in Canada may change dramaticially when that weazle of a Stephen 'G. Dubbya Bush' Harper gets into power, not that I am advocating that but it just may happen and then I think that there will be a few new words that the kiddies will learn.I'll be gone now, you can get back to all the fun things you do over here while Chris and the rest of your BC relatives continue to enjoy the 25 consecutive days of solid rain but who is counting.Earla 'coz' Legaultps mike regretting you shared that blog address with me yet?

  2. You found me! Congratulations. Though I suppose it wasn't too hard with me sending you a link and all. Shame about losing your post. It happens though. As for the appropriate vocalization…Well I don't give a fuck about swearing here. You should know that by now. If you want to keep things PG then a good "D'Oh" a la Homer Simpson is quite effective. Hope your weather improves. We had one good day yesterday (Saturday 14th), otherwise it's been pouring rain.BTW, who was the author you were going to recommend?

  3. The author, David Sedaris has written many witty books. Some people find him too much. He has one short story where he uses the word m–f—er about 50 times but then again he has a brother who talks like that so what is one suppose to do about that?! So, if you can handle that, you can handle him. His way of describing LIFE, family ect, is what I like the most. I'd recommend Naked and Dress My Family in Denium …, something like that. Try to borrow his audio tape or CD then you get the flavour of his words.May see your brother this Friday if he can make it out to my brothers author reading at the local library. I'll keep ya posted. off to work…coffee in hand, Earla

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