I have My Opera setup transferred to the new computer so I won't be using that "other browser" :left: :right: on here again.

I had an interesting problem during the last week that I'm quite proud of solving, if I do say so myself. A woman asked me to have a look at her computer as she couldn't get any web pages. That was simply a matter of setting IE to dial her default connection. But she was also getting this text file that opened every time she started her computer. I tried all the usual suspects – a file in her startup folder, a entry in win.ini or system.ini – but nothing. I then ran HijackThis, a handy tool for removing stubborn spyware.

Even that didn't show anything at first glance, I had to dig through the features until I found a tool called StartupList. It's included in the Misc Tools section of HijackThis. Only then did I find that somehow this file had been set to run at every log-on in the Task Scheduler. Weird.

What else is new :confused:

Well, I went out and bought myself a new keyboard. I know it looks a bit gimicky, but I have problems with my wrists if I type too much and I know it's because I have a poor typing position. I've tried using a wrist rest, and it does help some, but not enough. So I bit the bullet and went for a full ergonomic keyboard. It's different, but not as hard as I thought to it would be to use. After a bit of practice I'm sure I'll be grand. Until then I can blame any typos on getting used to the new layout. 😀

I tried to get it from the same company where I got my “new” computer because they had the best price. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock, and ordering it would take too long. The plan was for me to pick up when I was in Dublin on the past Friday, since getting it delivered would negate any saving I made on price.

I was trying to kill as many birds with the fewest stones on this Dublin trip so I offered to pick up a few things at Lush for Mam. I also wanted to get some jeans at Marks & Spencer. Then there was my cousin Niall who lives in Lusk and is having trouble with his computer. He offered me a bed for the night so I stayed over and came back on Saturday.

Niall's computer has been giving him grief for ages. I had a look at it over Xmas, but I couldn't get it to repeat the problem he was having. Namely, the computer just shuts down without warning and then keeps shutting itself down every few minutes unless you leave it off for several hours. It sounded like a hardware problem so I found out how to boot it into the diagnostics and ran a few tests. Of course it went through everything with flying colours.

The next morning though, the machine decided to cut out while I was checking my email. A read through the manual revealed that the power button flashing amber meant there was an internal power problem, and suggested reeseating the CPU power connector on the motherboard. I cracked open the case and tried it, but no joy. At least now we know what the problem is so he can get back on to Dell and get it sorted.

So now I have to get to work on a piece for the writers' group. Our first meeting for '06 is on Tuesday. I've been mulling over an idea but haven't anything on paper yet.



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