Just back from the Writers’ Group

Ok, not really. We actually finished up around 10.40, but I was debating whether I would blog or not tonight. C'mon, look at the time. :zzz:

This was our 1st meeting of '06 and I think it went really well. There were excellent pieces, and some very good discussion. I did something very different this time. A magazine article about computers instead of fiction or poetry. It went down well, everyone thought it was very clear and easy to follow. Though it did come across as dry, based on my previous work they were expecting a lighter, more humorous piece.

I also typed my work this time rather than handwriting it like I usually do. I'm getting the hang of my ergo keyboard. My typing has improved already, I think I'm as fast as I was, maybe a bit faster, and my accurasy is improving. I hated learning to touch type, but I'm sure glad I did.

I really ought to go to bed, but there's a documentary about giants on Sky that looks interesting…



2 thoughts on “Just back from the Writers’ Group

  1. Glad to hear you are in a writer's group, Mike. Lucky you. I found in the past it really got me to a different level with my writing. Out of my body and on to paper. Why don't you share some of it with the family here?I saw your bro last night and he is doing very fine. He was out with the rest of the family for Alan's reading at the library in town. All came back here after the event and had a few wobbly pops together. Today, Chris and I had a cup of coffee this morning with a wee dram of Scotty-brew in it. I look forward to going to Vancouver sometime this spring and seeing my City-cousin again. 🙂

  2. Hey there,I sent you a private message rather than post it here for all to see. Go to your page and click on the messages link at the top, to the right of Opera Community.

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