I’ve got a cold…

and I'm feckin' doyin':yuck: :faint:

My sinuses are trying to blow my face off, my nose is running like a tap, my aches and pains have aches and pains, and I'm knackered as well.:zzz:

My computer is sick too. The DVD burner stopped working for a while, it wouldn't open and just sat there with it's activity light blinking. I managed to reset it and it's fine now. Now the bloody thing keeps blue screening when I try to play Snood and when I try to shut down the machine reboots. It looks like I driver problem but I haven't tracked it down yet.

Still, life goes on. I had a couple days work last week from a friend of Mam's. He had a old laptop that needed a general cleanup and an upgrade of NIS that needed to be wiped and reinstalled. He was also swapping over to a Mac and needed some advice on that. Now I've got another laptop in with a broken CD drive. I haven't been up to looking at it yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

My cousin John, who also has a dose of 'flu, and I went down to Thomastown this morning to collect materials for the donkey shed. We had a great time:ko:, cutting up a telephone pole for posts and shifting a trailer-load of concrete blocks. Tomorrow I'll try and get the post holes dug.

I think I'll call it quits, The Outlaw Josey Wales is on TV shortly and you can't beat a good Clint Eastwood Western. Of course, is there a bad Clint Eastwood Western:confused:



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