Bizarre Symptoms of Homesickness

Or why I'm watching Olympic Curling on BBC1.

Not that you would even know that the Winter Olympics are on here. They don't seem to be getting any coverage in the Irish media. I guess it's not that surprising since Ireland doesn't seem to have a team.

Still, I was curious to see a bit of the action so I tuned into the BBC To see what I could find out. I was interested to see how Canada is doing in the medal results. So while I was watching they started showing Women's Curling, specifically Britain's first game against Denmark. I didn't really intend to watch the whole thing, I was only going to record some of it to show folks who have no idea what I'm talking about when I try to explain what Curling is.

I did end up watching most of the match anyway. It wasn't very exciting curling, but I just got caught up in the game. Now I want to watch Britain play Canada on Wednesday (men's) and Friday(women's).

In other news, John and I got a start on the donkey's shed on Sunday. I got one hole dug for the end posts, but on the other I ran into what John called "slig" a layer of shale or slate type rock that runs under this part of the country. I spent three days trying to hammer my way through this only managing to get down about four inches. I was getting ready to hire a jackhammer to try and get down the two feet John originally suggested. But we got the two posts set and a start on one of the walls. John got it going then left it to me. It's only a dry stack wall so we don't need his expertise once it got started. Still I'm finding it tricky cutting the blocks to length when I get to the end of a row.

Finally, here's a subtle bit of humor for you from Scott Adams:

The Analogy Police don't use a real jail. We use something similar.

Just think about it.


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