Bought a camera phone

So I went ahead and got the phone I talked about buying. It seemed like the time, I'd just got paid for a job and the price had dropped. I don't understand how they can make money when you buy the phone for €80 and then get €90 free credit.

As you can see it has a camera, which may be useful. It also has some PDA features, so I may look at retiring my Visor. In a perfect world I'd get a Treo, but none of the networks is selling them and I can't afford one without a contract.

The other problem is you have to buy a separate cable to sync to a PC. That seems to cost nearly as much as the phone. I'll just have to see.



2 thoughts on “Bought a camera phone

  1. i got a pc phone whilst in dubai the xmas before last. it has found it's way to these shores now, it's called an i-mate and is pc compatible and should come with a usb cable. it's a very good phone and organiser.

  2. Hi I am getting my camera phone this week, I hope I can upload photos from it to my blog? I know there's a key they talk about but I have yet to find it :DThanks for sharingEve

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