Bad Day for British Olympic Curlers

Norway's Women's Curlers didn't have a good day either

Yep, I'm still watching. For those who are wondering "What is Curling" here are some links.

Curling Definition
How is curling played?
Curling Basics

Anyway Britain's men lost to the US 9-8. That was a great match. Britain was down 6-1 after three ends but managed to claw their way back so it was only 9-7 going into the tenth. Unfortunately Britain could only score one and had to accept defeat. Overall, they're doing well and should have no problems making it to the semifinals.

Then against Finland Britain had a run of bad luck and tricky ice which meant the Finn's were leading 4-1 after 6 ends. I had to miss the end of that match so I'll watch the end later. I do know Finland won 5-2.

Britain's women faced Japan and found themselves in a similar situation – down 6-1 – this time at the half way point. Again, Britain were working their way back until the ninth end where a disastrous miss by the skip gave Japan three points. With only one end left and down 10-5 Britain threw in the towel.

Japan is doing surprisingly well. They also beat Canada 5-2. And the commentator's were saying that Japan's Olympic team are Junior World Champions. Not bad for a country you wouldn't normally associate with curling.

This loss really hurts Britain's chances of progressing. It does help Canada though, who are just holding on to fourth spot.

As for Canada, the Men beat New Zealand 9-1 and the Women beat Italy 11-4. Both teams need another win to make it to the next round.

Stayed tuned for my next update. :spock:


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