My Nails are Chewed Down to the Quick

Thanks to the last match of the Women's Curling round-robin.

Britain went into their last game against the US with 4 wins and 4 losses. They needed to win to stay in the running, and they curled an excellent game. Rhona Martin, Britain's skip, played brilliantly, making some beautiful shots. After six ends, and losing 10-4, it was over and out for the American team.

Now with 5 wins and 4 losses, Britain's chances all came down to the result of Canada v Denmark. And thanks to Britain's early finish the BBC switched it's coverage to this match, Hooray!:yes: If Canada lost, they would tie Britain's record and have to go to a play-off. It was such a close match. In the final end the score was level at 8, but Canada had the hammer. And they needed it.

Everything was riding on Canada's last stone.:worried: To add to the pressure, the Russian team won their final match minutes before. This meant they would be in any play-off as well. But Canada's skip made a take out out to score one. :yes: :hat: :sing:

A pity for Britain. I'd grown rather fond of the team, but I'd be more disappointed if Canada were out.

The semi-finals are Wednesday.



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