Curling Semi Finals

Wow, what a day for curling.

First we had Canada v Switzerland in Women's semi. A very close match which Canada unfortunately lost 5-7 :no: 😥

So tomorrow they'll play Norway for the Bronze while Sweden and the Swiss battle for Gold

I didn't get to see Canada play the US in the Men's. 😥 :furious: :bomb:

The BBC focused on Britain's match against Finland. It was a brilliant match, though. Both teams started slowly, playing very defensive games. After half-time the character changed completely, with plenty of rocks in play and some very dramatic shots. We went into the last end tied at three, Finland with the hammer. England fought hard and were lying two with Finland's last stone to come. But the Finnish skip, Markku Uusipaavalniemi – also know as U15, made a magnificent draw onto the button to win.

I wish I could have watched the Canada US match, it looks like it was very close until a bad mistake by the Americans in the ninth end let Canada score 5.

On Friday I'll get to see Britain v US and Canada v Finland. I can't wait. :hat: :sing: :yes:

For those of you still confused about waht I'm talking about I offer: BBC Sport Guide to Curling



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