Car Spotting

I saw this today in a car park in Kilkenny. It's a Nissan Cube, supposedly only available in Japan.

I do see cars that have obviously been imported from Japan here occasionally. I'm pretty sure the Corolla estate I used to own was imported. There were Japanese stickers in the glovebox and on the door sills, and the speedometer was in kilometers.

It seems that Japan has a surplus of second hand cars because of their strict NCT for cars over four years old . Most Japanese find it easier and cheaper to buy a new car rather than get their old motor through the test. So a whole industry ahs developed around exporting these perfectly good cars from Japan to places like Ireland, England, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

I din't think about it 'til I saw this, but my new phone would be perfect for snapping any unusual autos I happen to come across in my travels.



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