Olympic Curling Results

Sorry this is late,:o but I was sort of blogged out after my recent flurry of entries. :faint:
That, or I am just recovering from the shock of this :eyes: during the Men's Bronze match.

So here we go, starting with the Women.

Canada v Norway (Bronze)

Canada really dominated the match with big ends in the 1st and 5th to lead 9-2 at half time. Norway's skip did not seem to be up to pressure and kept missing with the critical last stone. By the 7th end Canada were winning 11-4, so Norway – although they managed to score in the eighth – conceded. Final score 11-5 and Canada goes home with the Bronze.:yes: :hat:

Sweden v Switzerland (Gold)

A much closer game, both teams played some magnificent shots. Going into the 10th it was 6-4 for Sweden, but the Swiss held the hammer. Switzerland managed to tie, forcing the game to an extra end. It all came down to Sweden's last rock as the Swiss were lying 2, but the skip made the double take-out to end the match 7-6. :eyes: Winning the gold means Sweden are European, World, and Olympic Champions simultaneously, the first to ever accomplish this. :whistle:

Now the Men

Great Britain v USA (Bronze)

Britain had problems judging the ice throughout the game making some serious misses. Still they kept the game close, the Us was only up 4-2 at halfway. Then in the sixth end we had the ”incident” which gave both teams a chance to lighten up a bit. The US went a head by 4, but in the 7th the British came back with a big end of three to narrow the score to 6-5. The teams traded points in the next two ends so it was 7-6 going into the 10th but the Americans had the hammer. Britain were lying two with the last shot, but Fenson, the American skip, made the draw and the game ended 8-6.

Canada :yes: v Finland (Gold)

The game started with the surprise announcement that Canada's second, Russ Howard, would replace Brad Gushue as skip. Throwing order would stay the same though. It seems Canada felt they would do better with a more experienced skip, but Gushue's devastating shot making would still be best used for those important last stones.

Watching the Finns play I noticed that their skip has a nervous habit of cleaning his brush. Nearly every time the camera was on him, he had out his little scraper.

Both teams played a very aggressive game right from the start. There were always a large number of stone in play, which made for some exciting double and even triple take-outs. It was very close for the first five ends, At the break Canada were just leading 4-3.

The Canadian third, Nichols, curled an almost perfect game, his accuracy was nearly 100%. This proved the deciding factor in the 6th end when he made a triple take-out to leave Canada lying 4. Gushue drew in for a fifth, then Uusipaavalniemi made a big miss, knocking another Canadian stone into the house. Gushue was heavy with his last shot, but Canada still took 6,leaving the score 10-3.

Canada then switched tactics to a defensive game, trying to keep the ice clear of stones. With only a chance for a single point, Finland chose to blank this end and hold onto last shot.

The eighth end was just a formality at this point. Canada again kept the house clear, giving the Finnish team no chance to start anything. Finland make a token point before conceding the game 10-4.:hat: :cheers: :sing: While I'm thrilled Canada was able to win the Gold, I'm sure everyone was a bit disappointed it came by such an upset.

Then the BBC decided to cut straight away to skiing, so I got no post game analysis, nor the medal presentations. That was a real let-down, considering that the match did end early.


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