Did you know that today is Self Injury Awareness Day?

Self injury is any deliberate, non suicidal behaviour that inflicts physical harm on your body and is aimed at relieving emotional distress. Physical pain is often easier to deal with than emotional pain, because it causes 'real' feelings. Injuries can prove to an individual that their emotional pain is real and valid. Self injurious behaviour may calm or awaken a person. Yet self injury only provides temporary relief, it does not deal with the underlying issues. Self injury can become a natural response to the stresses of day to day life and can escalate in frequency and severity.

– from LifeSIGNS

I only really became aware of this from following a blog here at Opera. 😦 Unfortunately, it has not been updated in more than a year so I have no idea how they she is doing. :worried: I hope that she's ok and knows that there are people out there thinking of her.



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