The weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful. Even though I keep having to leave the computer to put more coal on. It's often struck me how odd it is, switching between surfing the web and stoking a coal fire to keep the house warm.

The house has two fire places, one in each sitting room, though we have only lit the one in the front room a couple times. We just don't use that room. The other fireplace has a back boiler, which is a heat exchanger built into the back of the fireplace that is connected into the central heating to give a boost to the system. So instead of just heating the one room, it warms the radiators in the whole house.

I know this is boring to most people:zzz: , but it's just so different from the forced air systems back in Canada that I feel the need to explain.

Plus it's been absolutely freezing the past couple of weeks. Last night we had the lowest temperature recorded for ten years. Ironically in a place called Birr.

We finally got snow tonight, after a few failed attempts. We had freezing rain and hail, there was one day that looked like it was going to develop into a blizzard, but the snow melted when it hit the ground. Tonight though, conditions were right, even though the snow fall only lasted about a half hour.

If it hasn't melted by morning I'll take a picture and post it.



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