The weather is bleh :yuck:

Wet and cold and foggy

I feel bleh :yuck:

My head is pounding with a sinus headache. Probably from the weather. Low pressure always seems to affect me.

Television is bleh :yuck:

Nothing but reruns.

Dialup is bleh :yuck:

I've been downloading the latest version of AVG for the last three hours and i'm still only 70% done. I was about halfway through the first attempt when I got disconnected and had to start over from scratch. That will teach me to use that :left: "other browser" :right:

On the other hand, things could be worse.

My poor cousin and her family have had a run of bad luck. They'd just bought a trampoline for the kids and it got caught in the high winds last week. It was blown right across the back yard, taking out the swing set, the jungle gym, and the dog run. Then the dog got loose another day and ran into a car. Luckily he hit it rather than it hitting him. So he's got a mark on his chin where he collided with the side of the car.

Here's hoping that next week will improve for everybody. :spock:


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