Ok, this is a bit creepy…

I was playing a game over in the forums. That got me thinking and just for the heck of it I decided to Google my old hometown.

Anyway, that lead me here. I recognise every house there and most of the names. :eyes::faint:


4 thoughts on “Ok, this is a bit creepy…

  1. HI Mickey,I can't believe how cheap the houses are in Canada.. why is that? How many people live in Canada? thanks for temping me :)Eve

  2. HI again,yes I did find out how many in Canada thanks for the link too.thats to bad these houses are so nice and I need one :(LOL I don't want cold winters any more thats why I wanted to live in Egypt it's better for my health 😦 Thanks for adding me as your friend too . we can't have to many good friends.Eve

  3. Well, those houses are cheap because they're in a dying small town in the middle of nowhere. It's sad – everything is closing, the people are getting older, almost all my schoolmates moved away. The last time I was back the railroad had abandoned the line running through the town and the tracks had been removed.When I checked here the population was about 32.5 million.Don't be too tempted, unless you like isolation, boredom, and extremes of temperature. One of my hobbies is scaring the locals here with tales of -40° winters.

  4. I hope I didn't make it sound too bad. No matter what it's still home. Some of the pluses:The great sense of small town community. Everyone knows everyone.Safety. Growing up no-one locked their doors and we kids could wander the whole town fearlessly. The other side of the tracks was a wheat field.It's close to a beautiful lake with great camping and boating.

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