Minor Milestones

Not much going on at the moment. It's beeen pouring rain the last several days, so I've been out as little as possible.

However yesterday was Mother's Day (in Ireland and the UK at least) so I was kept busy with that. I got Mom a card and a CD then made supper. And as a special treat I mopped her floors. She doesn't like doing that or hoovering/vacuuming.

Mom got a phone call from Chris (thanks to a timely reminder from me) and she was also invited to a performance of My Fair Lady, which she really enjoyed.

It was also the day clocks went forward. It's nice to get that stretch in the evenings, but changing all the clocks is a pain. And It's not just the obvious ones. My phone has a clock, so does my PDA, the radio, the car, the microwave, the heating system. I'm still finding ones I've missed.

Oh well, I have to be up in Port Laois tomorrow morning for a job. Hope I don't oversleep.

:spock: :bye:


One thought on “Minor Milestones

  1. what you said about the clocks going forward ("spring forward, fall backwards") – we turn our clocks forward this weekend and I have a friend who can't wait for that day to come because he still hasn't adjusted his watch from the fall turn back!:D

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