My blog keeps getting spammed

:yuck: :irked: :furious: :bomb:

So I've had to turn off anonymous comments, sorry.

If you have anything to say to me you'll just have to join the community.

A proper post with information and stuff coming soon. I promise. :angel:


5 thoughts on “My blog keeps getting spammed

  1. now you are a member of the SPAMMED CLUB :(I woke up to many spammed messages ,., ignore delete options work great but make for a long day 😦 Eve

  2. the problem seems to be over now. At least, I've not been spammed for a few days.Ah well. spam. What can ya do, but have anohter hot milky cuppa πŸ˜€ :D:coffee:

  3. just some advice.. clean your pc with spy bot and adware cleaner I found to much junk in my pc from those spammers 😦 it placed a tracing cookie and also did something to my Norton too 😦

  4. Hi guys,Tea and sympathy all round. Misery loves company. If you've turned off anonymous comments and are still getting spammed you can report the user here. The Opera team will ban the accountGood advice Eve, I run weekly scans with all my security software. Constantly cleaning this crap off other PCs has made me paranoid.

  5. I dont allow anon users for that reason πŸ™‚ and now the scans are almost daily in my pc πŸ˜€ yes !!!

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