So I haven't done a post in ages. Now I've got so much news I'm not sure how to tell you everything. :doh: :bomb:

There was a trip up to Mayo back at Easter with pictures that I have yet to get on-line.

Then last weekend I was at the MVCI show up at the Curragh racecourse In Kildare. More pictures there, too.

Then there was my call to tech support on Monday. I ended up speaking to a nice fellow named Mike in a call centre in Honolulu :eyes: Poor lad had was working the graveyard shift since 3am his time. No wonder he's quitting today.

Finally, started a computer course yesterday. It's fairly basic, mostly to brush up my skills and get back into the swing of full-time education. I have a cunning plan… :left: :right:

I suppose I'll do a separate post for each item, even if I put them all up at ~ the same time.

Stay tuned. :spock:


3 thoughts on “Dangit

  1. Yikes, if I'd known you were waiting so eagerly for an update I would have done something sooner. Your comment came so quickly I'm a little freaked out. Are you cyber-stalking me or something? ;)EDIT: Fixed a silly typo. That's what happens when you're typing one thing and thinking about another.

  2. wow… sounds like you've been busy. Ya need a nice cuppa. HOt milky tea does the body good.:D 😀

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