I was getting nowhere…

and so I had a cuppa tea. :coffee:

Those lyrics were hard enough to find. Google thought I wanted the band instead of the song.

Folks keep telling me in the comments to relax and have a cuppa. If only they knew.

Caffeine is my drug of choice :nervous: (well it's between that and the stuff in chocolate) and I consume at least one LARGE mug a day. When I say large, I once measured one of my mugs against a pint glass. You guessed it, the mug was a full pint. And I could drink up to three of those in a day.

The problem, beyond the obvious "what goes in, must come out" is when I have tea in a regular sized mug I have it emptied before I know I've drunk it. I've lost count of the number I times I've tried to take a swig from an empty cup. :doh:

Oh well, I think I'll go have a cuppa. :cheers:


One thought on “I was getting nowhere…

  1. Ahhh another addict! Caffeine is also my drug of choice. But since moving to China, I've settled for the little Nescafe packets! It takes two packets to get me fully awake! Pam in Henan

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