Revenge is …

So I saw this thread over in The Lounge.

In short some guy got scammed into buying a faulty laptop off ebay. :furious: However, the dumbass scammer forgot to wipe the hard disk before sending off the machine. :doh:

So the new owner got all kinds of personal information off the drive – photos, surfing history (ie. the scammer's tastes in porn), emails accounts, CVs, banking details, even a scan of the guy's passport. What can he do with this info for some legal but sweet revenge?

💡 :devil:

In this technological age there is only one answer, post the whole story in a blog for the world to see and comment on.

My first reaction was that this jerk scammer got exactly what he deserved. But then I got thinking. :confused: How do I know this story is true? There's only the (very one sided) blog to go on. Some of the comments are purportedly from the scammer, but this could be part of the hoax.

Looking a bit closer at the pictures of the ebay auction, I would have been more than a little suspicious about the laptop in the first place. If its being sold by a business, why is the description riddled with typos and spelling errors?

Hopefully the media will pick up the story and we might get to the bottom of this. In the meantime go have a look, make up your own mind, and tell me what you think.


EDIT: Fixed some typos of my own


One thought on “Revenge is …

  1. That's probably a good reason why I don't buy anything from Ebay.And I don't like his picture he took with his webcam.

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