So very tired

Well, it's over.:cry:

I had a great time at the festival as usual. Saw some great shows, met some great people, even got asked for my autograph. (Though I think the lad was taking the mick)

It's just after four nights in a row of getting to bed around 4 a.m. I'm nearly nodding off trying to write this.:faint: :zzz: You wouldn't believe how many typos I've had to fix.

A proper report when I am more coherent.



2 thoughts on “So very tired

  1. Wow! An autograph!Sucn a nice compliment. Sounds liek (I dont' correct typos) a good time – look forward to the report (no pressure now)!:cheers:

  2. Mumble mumble… sleep deprived :zzz: Mumble mumble… headcold :rip:Mumble mumble… broken computers :furious: Mumble mumble… patience is a virtue 😉

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