Feelin’ TAT

TAT – "tired all the time"

Medical slang
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Still haven't caught up on my sleep since the comedy festival. :zzz: And the headcold isn't helping.

My routine of late consists of:

Over sleeping and arriving late for class
Spending the entire day like a zombie.:rip:
Coming home and flopping in front of the TV in a daze. :faint: Then falling asleep.
Waking up later with a crick in my neck.
Going to bed to repeat the process the next day.

I couldn't even catch a break on the weekend. Saturday I had to do signs for a development as well as drive Mom to Dublin for a meeting. At least the showhouse was on the way.

Still the day went rather poorly. We got lost in Santry on the way to the hotel. I hate getting lost in Dublin. :bomb: It's impossible to get yourself unlost again.

There's almost no street signs, a road will change its name without warning, even stopping to look at a map can be a problem. We did eventually find the place, and fortunately the meeting started late so Mom didn't miss anything. I headed into the city to do some shopping.

Since I was parking the car downtown, I thought I'd be clever and hide some of my tools back at the showhouse rather than leave them in the back of the car where they would attract "attention".

But somebody must have seen me going round the back of the place with my sledgehammer and crowbar, because when I came back in the evening to pick them up they were gone. :no: 😥 :furious: They were well hidden behind the oil tank so it's unlikely that someone just happened across them.

I was doing more signs again on Sunday. So on top of having to drag myself out again after a very long day, I had to go buy a new sledge so I could do the job. :irked:

That's the story, I'm just counting the days til this weekend when I can hopefully have a good couple lie-ins and get back to normal. :spock:


5 thoughts on “Feelin’ TAT

  1. ooo-errrr sounds like a not vurry nice day :(I Hope the weekend goes better for you! Have a nice calming cuppa tea (with a shot of brandy perhaps)…:coffee: :drunk::D 😀

  2. Ah sure, I survived in one piece so I shouldn't complain. The PAF (Pain in the Ass Factor) was a bit high for my liking.'Ta for the concern.The sun's been splittin' the stones (ie. very hot) the past week, so it's not really the weather for a hot cuppa. Iced tea on the other hand….

  3. Iced tea…That sounds good too. Unfortunately in my part of the world, hot tea is what's called for given the unseasonable weather and temperatures..have a good one 😉

  4. Got my iced tea today (Snapple with Lemon), it hit the spot alright. Another day with crackin' hot weather. We could do with a bit of rain for a change. Would help keep the pollen down too.

  5. Ahhhh Chooooo!I send rain to you in Ireland, in exchange for the sunny weather though!best of the week to ya

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