Be careful what you wish for

Me and my big mouth

It I was feeling less charitable I could blame a certain peckish spirit (famished apparition?)

Since Saturday night we've had some heavy showers, which was great fun when I was taking down signs yesterday. As always it could have been worse. I saw the aftermath of a traffic accident on my travels. A car took out a streetlight in Leighlin Bridge.

Not sure if the weather had anything to do with it, but I was sick as a dog today. I had to stop the car on my way into town and be sick on the side of the road :yuck: A great way to start your day.

I struggled through class up until the first break, then threw in the towel. I was at nothing, couldn't concetrate at all, so staying was pointless. I shouldn't have any trouble catching up tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Spent most of the day in bed. :zzz: Seemed to do the trick, I'm feeling much better. Hopefully this was just some 24 hr bug. Seems my cousin was hit by something similar over the weekend.

24 is on so I'm off. :spock:


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