Downloading and more Downloading…

That's all I seem to be doing these days.

First there were the June patches from MS. That took the best part of a week using Automatic Updates on my dial-up connection. :whistle:

Then Opera announces v9.0's release so I had to get that. :up:

While this was going on Ewido decided to stop updating. I visited the website and found that v4.0 was out. So that had to be downloaded too.:rolleyes:

And then ZoneAlarm releases a update. Add it to the list. :irked:

FINALLY, got everything down and ready to install. (After a backup, safety first kids!) It went smoothly for the most part, although I did have a small problem with Opera. :no:

When I upgraded using the new installer I lost all my Opera Icons – Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu – the program was there, but I had no way to run it. (Ok, I'm not an idiot.:doh: I could have tracked down the executable and done it manually, but that's what shortcuts are there for.) I had to run the Classic Installer and tick all the boxes for icons to get them back.

Maybe that was the problem, :confused: I'd been choosing not to create icons on my previous upgrades because I ended up with two copies then.

Overall I like the new version, though I've only just started poking around the new features. The page preview you get when you hover the mouse over a tab is cool. :yes:

I haven't downloaded any widgets yet, because I bought a sync cable for my phone today. It comes with a CD, but that only has the USB drivers. If you want the actual syncing software you have to go to the website and DOWNLOAD it :bomb: :furious:

WTF!!! A whole CD with only 17MB used, and they can't include the other software? The downloads are massive for dial-up too. All 30MB plus. Sony Ericsson should pull their heads out of where-ever they're stuck and realize that this is ridiculous.

</rant> Ok, it's out of my system now :angel: On the plus side I found a nice download manager called Star Downloader which has been working very well for me. And my connection has been pretty good the last while. :left: (touch wood) :right:

Also, the local mobile/cell phone companies announced that they plan to offer wireless broadband using their networks. Can't come soon enough.

Back to Downloading. :spock:


2 thoughts on “Downloading and more Downloading…

  1. Just Downloaded Opera 9 myself, I`m loving the Widgets. they have great potential.Dial-up.. the bane of my existence:) You really love your smilies don't you :yikes:

  2. I suppose I do, I really wish you could get the drop down list in the comments. I can never remember the codes.I like to use them to help get my emphasis and tone across. I can be a bit sarcastic and I don't want that to be misinterpretted.

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